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Jefferson Airplane - Crown Of Creation
Жанр: Psychedelic Rock
Носитель: LP
Год выпуска: 1968 (re 197x)
Лейбл: RCA Victor - AYL1-3797
Страна-производитель: US
Аудио кодек: FLAC
Тип рипа: tracks+.cue
Формат записи: 24/96
Формат раздачи: 24/96
Продолжительность: 38:41
A1 Lather
A2 In Time
A3 Triad
A4 Star Track
A5 Share A Little Joke
A6 Chushingura
B1 If You Feel
B2 Crown Of Creation
B3 Ice Cream Phoenix
B4 Greasy Heart
B5 The House At Pooneil Corners
Источник оцифровки: LP Rip & Full Scan LP Cover: Fran Solo
Код класса состояния винила: NM-
Устройство воспроизведения: Technics SL-1200MK2 Quartz
Головка звукоснимателя: SHURE M97xE With JICO SAS Stylus
Предварительный усилитель: Marantz 2252
АЦП: E-MU 0404
Обработка: Manual DeClick
Analyzed folder: /Jefferson Airplane - Crown Of Creation (LP)
DR Peak RMS Filename
DR13 -2.67 dB -18.46 dB 01 Jefferson Airplane - LADO 1- Lather.wav
DR12 -1.87 dB -17.87 dB 02 Jefferson Airplane - In Time.wav
DR15 -4.69 dB -22.54 dB 03 Jefferson Airplane - Triad.wav
DR12 -3.38 dB -16.89 dB 04 Jefferson Airplane - Star Track.wav
DR12 -4.03 dB -19.77 dB 05 Jefferson Airplane - Share A Little Joke.wav
DR16 -2.59 dB -25.66 dB 06 Jefferson Airplane - Chushingura.wav
DR12 -2.36 dB -17.70 dB 07 Jefferson Airplane - LADO 2- If You Feel.wav
DR13 -0.12 dB -15.47 dB 08 Jefferson Airplane - Crown Of Creation.wav
DR12 -3.23 dB -18.16 dB 09 Jefferson Airplane - Ice Cream Phoenix.wav
DR13 -0.99 dB -17.24 dB 10 Jefferson Airplane - Greasy Heart.wav
DR11 -2.26 dB -15.62 dB 11 Jefferson Airplane - The House At Pooneil Corners.wav
Number of files: 11
Official DR value: DR13
Jack Casady - Bass [Yggdrasil Bass]
Jorma Kaukonen - Vocals, Lead Guitar, Performer [Electric Chicken]
Grace Slick - Vocals, Piano, Organ
Spencer Dryden - Vocals, Piano, Organ, Drums, Percussion [Steel Balls]
Marty Balin, Paul Kantner - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
This aptly titled album is really exactly that: the crown of their creation. And the artwork is simply a good explanation of what this music can do to your mind. Actually all these compliments I throw at the airplane are always better than the rockets fired at those flying Nam at the time. Because no doubt about it, JA were depicting sarcastically what some (obviously those that detested JA) considered the crown of human creation: the a-Bomb. And this sombre (in theme because this bright coloured photo is anything but dark) artwork is also a bit appropriate to describe the apocalyptically stunning beauty of the album’s content.
After the excellent experimental (but sometimes patchy) ABAB (resulting in lower sales too), Jefferson Airplane decided to pull themselves together and make a much tighter album, which would turn out to be their master decision. By now the group had bought a huge house close to the Golden Gate Bridge (where the flower-power be-ins where held at the park down the street), where the band chose to live under the same roof and make the band’s headquarters. This resulted in the band becoming even tighter, and does it ever show in this album. Never has the Airplane wrote such an immaculate bunch of songs, even if they returned to the more concise Pillow album rather than creating a “son of” Baxter’s. This hardly meant that these eternal rebels would be heading down the commercial alley though, and the progressive experimentations would still go on, as JA was still a step ahead of most of their cross-town rivals, but also cross-state, and around the globe with only The Beatles keeping up (the Fab Four even paid them a visit!).
Still keeping the raunchy RnR sound that was their rebellious foundation, JA goes a long way to make delicious-sounding melodies, where Grace is now taking the spotlight, but the other sun is bassist Casady and his bass thunder. Jack was not only one of the three greatest bassist of his time, but his extreme hippy look and demented playing made him one of the fan’s centre of attention on stage. And the lyrics of this group were rarely left behind as they were often humorous: Lather and the age where you are too old (Grace’s partner Spencer Dryden at reached the big three O) and the famous nose-blowing solo, Triad’s call for a menage-a-trois (Dave Cosby’s song) and its ban and call to boycott from the establishment or the sombre humour Share A Little Joke. But this was not overshadowing the musical twist such as the type-writer percussions, the booming descending bass lines scattered throughout the album, the great acoustic guitar touches of In Time, the oppressive ambiances (JA did some of the darkest song ever before being finally topped by Univers Zero) .
None the least, the way the three singers are meddling in their voices is something spine-chilling, with Grace’s voice almost-literally making love with Balin’s or other times caressing the mike and our ears, they outdid some of the best folk rock duos from across the Atlantic, with Kantner always ready to triple the dose and Kaukonen holding in reserve for Star Track (he was the very worthy lead singer in the offshoot Hot Tuna) and Casady unleashing the thunderous bass behind him with his hollow-bodied Gibson E. Just in case you thought Baxter’s Small Package was an accident, get a load of Chushingura and its electronic experimental diddles (well before a certain German trio) close to “musique concrete”, written by their Dryden drummer! Just remember this is spring 68.
So far I’ve only described the tracks on the first side, but much more is to come! If the opening If You Feel is relatively straightforward, the title track’s gloomy descending vocal line and the frightening lyrics (they are denouncing the fascism of certain authorities) and Casady’s bed of bass lines. Greasy Heart is Grace’s answer to Balin Plastic Lover in the Pillow album, and unfortunately the comparison does not sit well for Marty, whose role will soon decrease in the group. Grace superstar! Her constant acts of provocation were the newspapers of the establishment, which was not realizing this made her even bigger in life. Have I talked of the almost 6-min finale, yet? No? All the better, because this track is the absolute apex of the group!! For the second time in a few month, Robert Kennedy’s dog Pooneil gets national attention (a great close-up picture graces the inner sleeve) a few months before his master’s murder (he was on friendly term with the band). This is the emblematic track that they played on a rooftop downtown Manhattan (filmed by French avant-garde director JL Goddard), a full year before the Beatles would attempt the trick with more success. The song’s apocalyptic atmosphere, certainly convinced the cops to close up shop before the song was over. Again the masterstroke is Casady’s incredible bass, but everyone shines like the sun (or the explosion on the sleeve).
The bonus tracks in the remastered version could not possibly be of the calibre of the album, but they hold their own. Dryden’s drum experiments with jazz buddies (including scatting) and the collaboration between Zappa and Grace Slick are ultra experimental, but unfortunately are not fitting with the album. But those two tracks will finish convincing everyone of the Airplane’s prog credentials. And Dryden’s Saga Of Sydney Space with its 8-min is simply flabbergasting, that his jazz credentials and will to experiment were not given as much attention as he should’ve gotten, but one thing for sure, he was the most adventurous of the lot.
Although this album is often overlooked compared to Pillow and Baxter’s and less talked about the Volunteers, it is no small coincidence that this album bears its name. Clearly this record is the Airplane cruising at maximum altitude, soaring majestically like an eagle over the rest of the planet. If have probably placed 25 albums in my favourite 10, but I’ll make it 26 with this one. Impeccable, implacable, outstanding and astounding.
Review by Sean Trane, progarchives.com
Jefferson Airplane — группа из Сан-Франциско, пионеры psychedelic rock. Была образована в 1965 году.
Выступление группы в августе 1969 года на фестивале Woodstock (Вудсток) было одним из самых ярких моментов за всю историю рока. Группа несколько раз возрождалась под именами «Jefferson Starship» и потом просто «Starship». Имя группы было занесено в Зал славы рок-н-ролла в 1996 году.
Название «Jefferson Airplane» - это также сленговое название для спички, которая согнута пополам и используется для того, чтобы держать сигарету с марихуаной, когда та выкурена настолько, что её не удержать пальцами. Есть мнение, что название группы произошло от этого слэнгового термина, но член группы Йорма Кауконен утверждает, что название придумал его друг Стив Тэлбот как насмешку над блюзовыми именами вроде «Blind Lemon» Jefferson. К интересным фактам можно отнести то, что первое выступление Jefferson Airplane прошло в клубе «Матрица» (Сан-Франциско), который показан в фильме «Страх и ненависть» в Лас-Вегасе.
Также несколько композиций использовались в PC-игре Battlefield Vietnam.
Первоначальный состав:
Марти Балин (30 января 1942),
Пол Кантнер (17 марта 1941),
Йорма Кауконен (23 декабря 1940),
Боб Харви и Джерри Пелоквин (впоследствии на их места пришли Александр Скип Спенс (18 апреля 1946) и Сигни Андерсон (Сигни Толи Андерсон, 15 сентября 1941), которых затем сменили Спенсер Драйден (7 апреля 1938) и Джек Кэсэди (13 апреля 1944)).
Вначале они исполняли смесь фолка и рока (позже названной как вест-коаст-рок). Кантнер и Балин вскоре стали очень популярными в местном масштабе, играя на концертах, организованных промоутером Биллом Грэмом.
Осенью 1966 года выходит первый альбом - «Jefferson airplane takes off». Вскоре группу покидает Сигни Андерсон, и на ее место приходит новая вокалистка - Грейс Слик (Грейс Барнетт Уинг, 30 октября 1939), которая уже была известна в составе группы «Great society», из репертуара которой были позаимствованы две песни для альбома «Surrealistic Pillow» - «White Rabbit» и «Somebody to Love», ставшие хитами. «Surrealistic Pillow» до сих пор считается наиболее ярким олицетворением знаменитого «Лета Любви» 1967 года, хотя и вышел немного раньше самих событий - в феврале. Альбом попал на третье место Billboard и доказал, что группы Западного побережья твердо стоят на ногах.
В 1969 году состоялось триумфальное выступление Jefferson Airplane на Вудстоке, после которого за ними закрепилась репутация «психоделических бунтарей».
В 1970 году музыканты решают прекратить концертную деятельность. Каукконен и Кейсиди создают группу Hot Tuna.
В 1974 году группа прекращает своё существование.
Впоследствии возобновляет деятельность под другими названиями.
Правила, инструкции, FAQ!!!
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