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Git in Practice

Год издания: 2014
Автор: Mike McQuaid

Издательство: Manning
ISBN: 9781617291975
Язык: Английский

Формат: ePub
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)
Интерактивное оглавление: Да
Количество страниц: 218

Описание: Git in Practice is a collection of 66 tested techniques that will optimize the way you and your team manage your development projects. The book begins with a brief reminder of the core version control concepts you need when using Git and moves on to the high-value features you may not have explored yet. Then, you'll dig into cookbook-style techniques like history visualization, advanced branching and rewriting history each presented in a problem-solution-discussion format. Finally you'll work out how to use Git to its full potential through configuration, team workflows, submodules and using GitHub pull requests effectively.
about this book
about the cover illustartion
Part 1 Introduction to Git
1. Chapter 1 Local Git
1.1. Why do programmers use Git?
1.2. Initial setup
Technique 1 Creating a repository: git init
1.3. .git subdirectory
1.4. Creating a new commit: git add, git commit
Technique 2 Building a new commit in the index staging area: git add
Technique 3 Committing changes to files: git commit
1.4.1. Object store
1.4.2. Parent commits
Technique 4 Viewing history: git log, gitk, gitx
1.5. Rewriting history
Technique 5 Viewing the differences between commits: git diff
1.6. Diff formats
1.7. Refs
1.8. Summary
2. Remote Git
Technique 6 Adding a remote repository: git remote add
2.1. Authoritative version storage
Technique 7 Pushing changes to a remote repository: git push
Technique 8 Cloning a remote/GitHub repository onto your local machine: git clone
Technique 9 Pulling changes from another repository: git pull
Technique 10 Fetching changes from a remote without modifying local branches: git fetch
Technique 11 Creating a new local branch from the current branch: git branch
Technique 12 Checking out a local branch: git checkout
Technique 13 Pushing a local branch remotely
Technique 14 Merging an existing branch into the current branch: git merge
2.2. Merge conflicts
2.3. Rebasing
Technique 15 Deleting a remote branch
Technique 16 Deleting the current local branch after merging
2.4. Summary
Part 2 Git essentials
3. Filesystem interactions
Technique 17 Renaming or moving a file: git mv
Technique 18 Removing a file: git rm
Technique 19 Resetting files to the last commit: git reset
Technique 20 Deleting untracked files: git clean
Technique 21 Ignoring files: .gitignore
Technique 22 Deleting ignored files
Technique 23 Temporarily stashing some changes: git stash
Technique 24 Reapplying stashed changes: git stash pop
Technique 25 Clearing stashed changes: git stash clear
Technique 26 Assuming files are unchanged
Technique 27 Listing assumed-unchanged files
Technique 28 Stopping assuming files are unchanged
3.1. Summary
4. History visualization
Technique 29 Listing only certain commits
4.1. git show
Technique 30 Listing commits with different formatting
4.2. Custom output format
4.3. Releasing logs: git shortlog
4.4. The ultimate log output
Technique 31 Showing who last changed each line of a file: git blame
Technique 32 Finding which commit caused a particular bug: git bisect
4.5. Automating git bisect
4.6. Summary
5. Advanced branching
Technique 33 Merging branches and always creating a merge commit
5.1. Merge strategies
Technique 34 Resolving a merge conflict
5.2. Using a graphical merge tool
Technique 35 Resolving each merge conflict only once: git rerere
Technique 36 Creating a tag: git tag
Technique 37 Generating a version number based on previous tags: git describe
Technique 38 Adding a single commit to the current branch: git cherry-pick
Technique 39 Reverting a previous commit: git revert
Technique 40 Listing what branches contain a commit: git cherry
5.3. Summary
6. Rewriting history and disaster recovery
Technique 41 Listing all changes including history rewrites: git reflog
6.1. Avoiding and recovering from disasters
Technique 42 Resetting a branch to a previous commit: git reset
Technique 43 Rebasing commits on top of another branch: git rebase
Technique 44 Rebasing commits interactively: git rebase --interactive
Technique 45 Pulling a branch and rebasing commits: git pull --rebase
Technique 46 Rewriting history on a remote branch: git push --force
Technique 47 Rewriting the entire history of a branch: git filter-branch
6.2. Summary
Part 3 Advanced Git
7. Personalizing Git
Technique 48 Setting the configuration for all repositories
Technique 49 Setting the configuration for a single repository
7.1. Useful configuration settings
7.1.1. Colored output in Git
7.1.2. Git 2.0’s push defaults
7.1.3. Pruning branches automatically
7.1.4. Ignoring files across all repositories: global ignore file
7.1.5. Displaying help output in your web browser
7.1.6. Storing passwords in the OS X keychain
7.1.7. Storing arbitrary text in Git configuration
7.1.8. Autocorrecting misspelled commands
7.2. Sharing your Git (or other) configuration between machines
Technique 51 Showing the current branch in your terminal prompt
7.3. Summary
8. Vendoring dependencies as submodules
8.1. When are submodules useful?
Technique 52 Adding a git submodule: git submodule add
Technique 53 Showing the status of submodules: git submodule status
Technique 54 Updating and initializing all submodules: git submodule update --init
Technique 55 Running a command in every submodule: git submodule foreach
8.2. Summary
9. Working with Subversion
Technique 56 Importing an SVN repository into a Git repository
9.1. Subversion branches and tags
9.2. Subversion ignore rules
9.3. Updating a Subversion repository
9.4. Subversion authors and committers
9.5. Viewing a Subversion repository in GitX
9.6. Migrating a Subversion repository to Git
Technique 57 Committing and pushing to an SVN repository from a Git repository
9.7. Local branching and tagging
Technique 58 Accessing a GitHub repository with Subversion
9.8. Summary
10. GitHub pull requests
10.1. What are pull requests and forks?
10.2. Interacting with GitHub from the command-line: gh
Technique 59 Making a pull request in the same repository: gh pull-request
Technique 60 Making a pull request from a forked repository: gh fork
Technique 61 Merging a pull request from the same repository
Technique 62 Merging a pull request from a forked repository: gh merge
10.3. Summary
11. Hosting a repository
Technique 63 Initializing a local repository in a server hosting format: git init --bare
Technique 64 Mirroring a repository: git clone --mirror
Technique 65 Sharing a repository with other users on the same network: git daemon
Technique 66 Displaying a repository in a browser: git instaweb
11.1. Advanced Git hosting
11.2. Summary
Part 4 Git best practices
12. Creating a clean history
12.1. Writing a good commit message
12.2. Building a commit from parts of files: git add --patch
12.3. Graphically building a commit from parts of files
12.3.1. Graphically building a commit in GitX
12.3.2. Graphically building a commit in Git Gui
12.4. Avoiding whitespace issues: git diff --check
12.5. Summary
13. Merging vs. rebasing
13.1. CMake’s workflow
13.1.1. Workflow commands
13.2. Homebrew’s workflow
13.2.1. Workflow commands
13.3. CMake workflow pros and cons
13.4. Homebrew workflow pros and cons
13.5. Picking your strategy
13.6. Summary
14. Recommended team workflows
14.1. GitHub Flow
14.1.1. Pros and cons
14.2. Git Flow
14.2.1. Pros and cons
14.3. Mike Flow
14.3.1. Mike Flow Single
14.3.2. Mike Flow Multiple
14.3.3. Pros and cons
14.4. Which workflow is for you?
14.5. Summary
Appendix A: Git installation
A.1. How to install and run Git on Apple OS X
A.1.1. Installing Git on Apple OS X Mavericks or newer
A.1.2. Installing Git on Apple OS X Mountain Lion or older
A.2. How to install and run Git on Linux or Unix
A.3. How to install and run Git on Microsoft Windows
A.4. Verifying that Git has installed correctly
Appendix B: Creating a GitHub account and repositor
B.1. Signing up for a GitHub account
B.2. Creating a new repository on GitHub
Appendix C: Commented Git configuration
Appendix D: Why use version control
D.1. Handling changes
D.2. Version control workflow
D.3. Version control for programmer collaboration
index of Git methods
Правила, инструкции, FAQ!!!
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