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A Year With Symfony

Год: 2014
Автор: Matthias Noback
Издательство: https://leanpub.com/a-year-with-symfony/
ISBN: 978-9082120110
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)
Количество страниц: 205
Описание: About the Book

I've written A Year With Symfony for you, a developer who will work with Symfony2 for more than a month (and probably more than a year). You may have started reading your way through the official documentation ("The Book"), the cookbook, some blogs, or an online tutorial. You know now how to create a Symfony2 application, with routing, controllers, entities or documents, Twig templates and maybe some unit tests. But after these basic steps, some concerns will raise about...

- The reusability of your code - How should you structure your code to make it reusable in a future project? Or even in the same project, but with a different view or in a console command?

- The quality of the internal API you have knowingly or unknowingly created - What can you do to ensure that your team members will understand your code, and will use it in the way it was meant to be used? How can you make your code flexible enough to be used in situations resembling the one you wrote it for?

- The level of security of your application - Symfony2 and Doctrine seem to automatically make you invulnerable for well-known attacks on your web application, like XSS, CSRF and SQL injection attacks. But can you completely rely on the framework? And what steps should you take to fix some of the remaining issues?

- The inner workings of Symfony2 - When you take one step further from creating just controllers and views, you will soon need to know more about the HttpKernel which is the heart of a Symfony2 application. How does it know what controller should be used, and which template? And how can you override any decision that's made while handling a request?

To get a better idea about the book, take a look at the table of contents below), or download a sample of the book above.
Thank you
Who should read this book
Overview of the contents
I The journey from request to response
1 The HttpKernelInterface
1.1 Booting the kernel
Bundles as container extensions
Creating the service container
1.2 From the Kernel to the HttpKernel
2 Events leading to a response
2.1 Early response
Some notable kernel.request event listeners
2.2 Resolving the controller
2.3 Allow replacement of the controller
Some notable kernel.controller listeners
2.4 Collect arguments for executing the controller
2.5 Execute the controller
2.6 Enter the view layer
A notable kernel.view listener
2.7 Filter the response
Notable kernel.response listeners
3 Exception handling
3.1 Notable kernel.exception listeners
4 Sub-requests
4.1 When are sub-requests used?
II Patterns of dependency injection
5 What is a bundle?
6 Service patterns
6.1 Required dependencies
Required constructor arguments
Abstract definitions for extra arguments
Required setter calls
Method calls in abstract definitions
6.2 Optional dependencies
Optional constructor arguments
Optional setter calls
6.3 A collection of services
Multiple method calls
The best of both worlds
Service tags
Single method call
Replacing a single argument
Service ids instead of references
6.4 Delegated creation
Not so useful
Sometimes useful
6.5 Manually creating services
6.6 The Configuration class
6.7 Dynamically add tags
6.8 Strategy pattern for loading exclusive services
6.9 Loading and configuring additional services
A cleaner configuration class
6.10 Configure which services to use
6.11 Completely dynamic service definitions
7 Parameter patterns
7.1 Parameters.yml
7.2 Parameter resolving
Parameters for class names
Manually resolving parameters
7.3 Define parameters in a container extension
7.4 Override parameters with a compiler pass
III Project structure
8 Organizing application layers
8.1 Slim controllers
8.2 Form handlers
8.3 Domain managers
8.4 Events
Persistence events
9 State and context
9.1 The security context
9.2 The request
Avoiding a dependency on the current request
Use an event listener
Providing the request object at runtime
Using specific values only
IV Configuration conventions
10 Application configuration setup
10.1 Use local configuration files
Keep parameters.yml
Add a default_parameters.yml
11 Configuration conventions
11.1 Routing
Choosing Route Names
11.2 Services
11.3 Mapping metadata
V Security
12 Introduction
12.1 Symfony and security
12.2 Goals: prevention and confinement
Minimize impact
Before diving in…
13 Authentication and sessions
13.1 Invalidating sessions
Session hijacking
Long-running sessions
14 Controller design
14.1 Secure actions
14.2 Putting controllers behind the firewall
15 Input validation
15.1 Safe forms
HTML5 validation
Validation constraints
Forms without an entity
15.2 Validate values from Request
Request attributes
Route parameters
Query or request parameters
Use the ParamFetcher
15.3 Sanitizing HTML
Automatic sanitizing
16 Output escaping
16.1 Twig
Know your escaping context
Escaping function output
Escaping function arguments
Be wary of the raw filter
17 Being secretive
17.1 Mask authentication errors
17.2 Prevent exceptions from showing up
17.3 Customize error pages
17.4 Be vague about user data
VI Using annotations
18 Introduction
Annotations: Domain-specific languages
19 An annotation is a simple value object
19.1 Adding attributes to your annotation
Passing the attributes via the constructor
Populating public properties with the provided attributes
Validation using @Attributes
Validation using @var and @Required
19.2 Limiting the use of an annotation
20 Valid use cases for annotations
20.1 Loading configuration
Annotations and coupling
20.2 Controlling application flow
21 Using annotations in your Symfony application
21.1 Responding to Request attributes: the @Referrer annotation
21.2 Prevent controller execution: the @RequiresCredits annotation
21.3 Modify the response: the @DownloadAs annotation
22 Designing for reusability
23 Conclusion
VII Being a Symfony developer
24 Reusable code has low coupling
24.1 Separate company and product code
24.2 Separate library and bundle code
24.3 Reduce coupling to the framework
Event listeners over event subscribers
Constructor arguments over fetching container parameters
Constructor arguments over fetching container services
The performance issue
Framework-agnostic controllers
Thin commands
The environment
25 Reusable code should be mobile
25.1 Dependency management and version control
Package repositories
25.2 Hard-coded storage layer
Auto-mapped entities
Storage-agnostic models
Object managers
25.3 Hard-coded filesystem references
Using the filesystem
26 Reusable code should be open for extension
26.1 Configurable behavior
26.2 Everything should be replaceable
Use lots of interfaces
Use the bundle configuration to replace services
26.3 Add extension points
Service tags
27 Reusable code should be easy to use
27.1 Add documentation
27.2 Throw helpful exceptions
Use specific exception classes
Set detailed and friendly messages
28 Reusable code should be reliable
28.1 Add enough tests
Test your bundle extension and configuration

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