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Joomla! For Dummies

Год выпуска: 2009
Автор: Steven Holzner, Nancy Conner
Издательство: Wiley Publishing, Inc
ISBN: 978-0-470-43287-7
Формат: PDF
Качество: Отсканированные страницы (отличное качество)
Количество страниц: 360
Язык: английский
Новая книга из серии "For Dummies" о создании сайтов при помощи CMS Joomla!

От издателя:

With its pre-coded modules, open source Joomla! is popular for building interactive Web sites without writing code. This Web site design tool lets you build sites with discussions, polling, RSS feeds, picture submissions, shopping carts, and a lot more, quickly and easily and the quickest, easiest way to learn how to use it is Joomla! For Dummies.

Learn to link articles on your site with drop-down menus, invite visitors to rate content, enable a full-site search, let your guests sign up for e-mail lists, and much more. Joomla! For Dummies helps you to:

* Acquire the free Joomla! content management system, install it, and customize the home page
* See how menus control the elements in Joomla! and use menu items to create your page layout
* Use templates— powerful collections of PHP and CSS—to make your pages do what you want them to
* Create searches, polls, page menus, newsflashes, and banners using built-in Joomla! modules
* Build search engine-friendly sites and see how Joomla! can help boost site traffic
* Explore additional Joomla! templates and learn what to look for when downloading and installing them
* Check into plug-ins, components, and additional modules to see how they differ and what they can do
* Find modules for ads, archives, banners, searches, syndications, and more

Joomla! lets you concentrate on content instead of struggling with code. So grab Joomla! For Dummies and start creating!
How This Book Is Organized
Part I: Getting Started with Joomla
Part II: Joomla at Work
Part III: Working with Joomla Modules and Templates
Part IV: Joomla in the Real World
Part V: The Part of Tens
Foolish Assumptions
Conventions Used in This Book
Icons Used in This Book
What You’re Not to Read
Where to Go from Here

Part I: Getting Started with Joomla

Chapter 1: Essential Joomla
What Joomla Can Do for You
Sample Joomla Sites
All about Content Management Systems
Good: Web pages with CSS
Better: Dynamic Web pages via CMS
Reasons to Choose Joomla
Loyal users
Ease of use
Minimal learning curve
Other advantages
Where to Jump into Joomla
Chapter 2: Getting and Installing Joomla
Getting Joomla
Downloading the software
Unzipping the software
Checking minimum requirements
Installing Joomla on a Host Server
Uploading the Joomla fi les
Setting up MySQL
Installing the Joomla software
Installing Joomla on Your Own Machine
The hard way: Installing components
The easy way: Installing XAMPP
Installing the Joomla program
Looking at Your New Joomla Site
Ordering from the menus
Touring the modules
Controlling the action
Chapter 3: Mastering the Front Page
Dissecting the Front Page
Sitting in the Power Seat: The Administrator Control Panel
Granting user privileges
Granting administrator privileges
Logging on as administrator
Managing the managers
Creating Articles
Creating a new article
Tweaking article titles
Remodeling Modules
Navigating Module Manager
Viewing modules
Removing and deleting modules
Modifying Menus
Removing menus
Renaming menus
Strike That: Removing Articles
Viewing articles
Filtering articles
Unpublishing articles
Inquiring Minds Want to Know: Creating Polls
Changing the default poll
Creating a new poll
Stop the Presses!: Changing the Newsfl ash
Creating a New Logo for a New Look
Changing the default logo
Adding the new logo to the template
Trying a New Template on for Size

Part II: Joomla at Work

Chapter 4: Adding Web Pages to Your Site
Organizing Web Sites
Seeing sections
Counting categories
Sizing up the site
Working with Uncategorized Articles
Creating an uncategorized article
Filtering uncategorized articles
Linking Articles to Menu Items
Creating the menu item
Setting the menu item’s attributes
Linking the menu item to an article
Testing the new menu item
Organizing with Sections
Creating a new section
Selecting a section image
Organizing with Categories
Creating a new category
Adding articles to a new category
Choosing a Menu Structure
Option 1: Adding three menu items
Option 2: Adding a menu item that points to a section
Option 3: Adding a menu item that points to a category
Linking Categories to Menu Items
Creating the category menu item
Creating Read More Links
Adjusting Article Order
Filtering articles
Reordering articles in Article Manager
Reordering articles in the category page
Who’s on First?: Setting Menu Item Position
Reviewing the example site
Changing the order of menu items
Removing menu items
Chapter 5: Building Navigation into Your Site with Menus
All about Joomla Menus
Under and Over: Creating Submenu Items
Creating the section and category pages
Creating target Web pages
Creating the parent menu item
Creating the submenu Items
Click Me: Working with List Layout
Creating the category
Creating the articles
Creating the menu item
Changing the order of menu items
Viewing the list layout
Changing article order in list layout
Choice, Choices: Taking Advantage of Your Menu Options
Basic parameters
Advanced parameters
Component parameters
System parameters
Setting Some Powerful Menu Options
Turning article titles into links
Showing article ratings
Setting menu access
Hiding author names
Showing article-to-article links
Setting Default Menu Items
Creating Menu Separators
Chapter 6: Mastering Web Page Creation
Working with Article Options
Article options
Parameters - Article options
Parameters - Advanced options
Metadata options
Getting to Know Your Editor
Dressing Up Your Articles with Emoticons and Images
Smile!: Adding emoticons
Adding images
Formatting Articles with HTML Tags
Working with Tables and Columns
Creating a table in an article
Formatting a table
Changing an article’s columns
Creating a Table of Contents
Back (And Forth) to the Future: Publishing at Different Times
Publishing articles in the future
Stopping publishing in the future
Unpublishing now
Making Your Joomla Site Interactive
Adding and managing users
Creating an article submission page
Viewing the link to the article submission page
Authors and Editors and Publishers, Oh My!
Authors can write articles
Editors can make changes
Publishers can post articles
Stand Up and Be Counted: Tracking Page Hits
See You Later, Alligator: Taking the Site Off line

Part III: Working with Joomla Modules and Templates

Chapter 7: Fun with Modules: Advertisements, Archives, Banners, Custom HTML, and More
All about Modules
The Advertisement Module: For Sale; Buy Now!
Touring the module
Putting ads on certain pages
Confi guring the module
Substituting your own ads
The Archive Module: A Sense of History
Archiving articles
Displaying lists of archived articles
The Banners Module: A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words
Viewing the Banner module
Changing banner ads
The Breadcrumbs Module: Like Hansel and Gretel
The Custom HTML Module: Doing It Yourself
Changing the default editor
Creating the Custom HTML module
The Feed Display Module: Getting RSS Your Way
Chapter 8: More Fun with Modules: Footers, Search Boxes,Who’s Online, Wrappers, and More
The Footer Module: Joomla’s Copyright Notice
The Login Form Module: Getting Users on Board
The Popular Module: Only the Best and Brightest Articles
The Random Image Module: Adding a Little Art
The Related Items Module: Unlocking the Keywords
The Search Module: Finding a Needle in a Haystack
Using the search controls
Making search more user-friendly
The Sections Module: Great for Overviews
The Statistics Module: Stand Up and Be Counted
The Syndication Module: Creating RSS Feeds
The Who’s Online Module: Anyone There?
The Wrapper Module: Displaying Other Sites
Chapter 9: Laying Out Your Web Pages with Joomla Templates
Formatting Joomla Sites with Templates
Template Central: Template Manager
Changing the Default Template
Editing a Built-In Template
Customizing a template
Editing a template’s code
Working with New Joomla Templates
Finding and downloading a new template
Installing a new template

Part IV: Joomla in the Real World

Chapter 10: Managing Your Web Site’s Users
Introducing the Wonderful World of Joomla Users
Managing Users with User Manager
Creating registered users
Creating authors
Creating editors
Creating publishers
Creating managers
Creating administrators
Creating super administrators
Building a Contact Page
Adding contacts to your site
Creating a contact page
Managing Site E-Mail
Allowing Users to Manage Themselves
Creating user-management pages
Allowing users to edit their accounts
Chapter 11: Driving Traffi c to Your Web Site with Search
Engine Optimization
Understanding Search Engines and Spiders
Making Joomla URLs Search Engine Friendly
Creating friendly URLs
Using mod_rewrite to confi gure URLs
Working with third-party plug-ins
Unlocking the Secrets of Keywords
Finding keywords to use
Adding keywords as metadata
Entering other metadata
Optimizing Pages with Templates
Maximizing Your Site for Search Engines
Telling Search Engines about Your Site
Chapter 12: Extending Joomla
Taking a Look at Plug-Ins, Components, and Modules
Making a splash with modules
Working with components
Grooving with plug-ins
Searching for Joomla Extensions
Using the search box
Browsing by links
Browsing by categories
Choosing an Extension
Pick the right platform
Know what you’re getting
Check the ratings
Downloading a Joomla Extension
Installing a Game Module
Installing a Utility Module
Installing a Component
Finding and installing a component
Confi guring a component
Adding a menu item for the component
Installing a Plug-In

Part V: The Part of Tens

Chapter 13: Ten Top Joomla Extensions
My Blog
JCE Editor
Exposé Flash Gallery
JEvents Events Calendar
Chapter 14: Ten Ways to Get Help on Joomla
Joomla Help Site
Joomla Offi cial Documentation Wiki
Joomla Forums
Joomla Community Portal
Joomla User Groups
Joomla Translation Teams
Joomla Quick Start Guide
Joomla Quick Start Videos
Joomla Installation Manuals
Joomla Core Features
Chapter 15: Ten Top Joomla Template Sites
Template Monster
Best of Joomla
Compass Designs
Chapter 16: Ten Joomla Tutorials
SiteGround’s General Tutorial
Joomla Template Tutorial
Compass Designs’ Joomla Template Tutorial
Joomlaport’s Tutorials
docs.joomla.org’s Template Tutorial
help.joomla.org’s Installation Tutorial
Robb Luther’s YouTube Tutorial
CMS Tutorials and Reviews
CopesFlavio.com’s Module Tutorial
Правила, инструкции, FAQ!!!
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