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HTML5 Programming with JavaScript For Dummies

Год: 2013
Автор: John Paul Mueller
Жанр: программирование
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 978-1-118-43166-5
Серия: For Dummies
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)
Интерактивное оглавление: Да
Количество страниц: 411
Описание: Научитесь писать ява-скрипты, используя преимущества HTML5.
About This Book
What You Don’t Have to Read
Foolish Assumptions
Conventions Used in This Book
How This Book Is Organized
Part I: Understanding the Basics of JavaScript
Part II: Speaking the JavaScript Language
Part III: Meeting JavaScript’s Control Structures
Part IV: Interacting with Users and HTML
Part V: Extending JavaScript Further
Part VI: The Part of Tens
The companion Website
Icons Used in This Book
Where to Go from Here

Part I: Understanding the Basics of JavaScript
Chapter 1: HTML, Say Hello to JavaScript 11
Introducing JavaScript
Java and JavaScript aren’t long-lost relatives
Recognizing the benefits of JavaScript
Seeing How JavaScript Fits into an HTML Document
Starting an HTML5 document
Understanding the alert( ) function
Using the <script> tag
Placing the code in the page heading
Relying on external files
Chapter 2: Assessing Tools of the Trade
Researching Browsers and Their Debugging Tools
Catching up with Firefox
Meeting Google Chrome
Checking out native browsers: Internet Explorer or Safari
Checking browser and version
Discovering Programs to Write JavaScript
Using a text editor
Using a dedicated editor
Hosting Your Site
Quickly looking at Web hosting
Using JavaScript from your computer
Testing your installation
Chapter 3: Integrating HTML5 and JavaScript
Creating Simple Output
Writing to an HTML element
Creating direct document output
Avoiding potential problems with output
Working with JavaScript Statements
Understanding the dot syntax
Adding multiple statements to a single script
Defining basic code blocks
Understanding case sensitivity
Using white space effectively
Using the line continuation character
Writing Comments in JavaScript
Creating single-line comments
Creating multi-line comments
Preventing code execution by using comments
Alerting Visitors That JavaScript Has Something to Say
Using the <noscript> tag
Using styles

Part II: Speaking the JavaScript Language
Chapter 4: Embracing JavaScript Variables 65
Understanding Simple Variables
Seeing variables as storage bins
Declaring variables
Discovering variable types
Understanding undefined and null variables
Working with Booleans
Working with Numbers
Understanding the operators
Doing simple math
Changing number formats
Working with Text
Concatenating text
Changing word and letter formats
Working with Arrays
Creating an array
Accessing array members
Chapter 5: Working with Objects
Defining Objects
Starting with the Object object
Understanding properties
Understanding methods
Understanding events
Using and Creating Objects
Using JavaScript objects
Building custom objects
Working with Object Literals
Creating the name/value pairs
Adding new name/value pairs
Naming Variables and Objects Properly
Chapter 6: Getting to Know the Standard JavaScript Objects 103
Defining the Basic JavaScript Objects
Understanding Object
Understanding Number
Understanding String
Understanding Date
Understanding RegExp
Introducing the String Object
Manipulating and searching strings
Working with regular expressions
Working with the Date Object
Getting today’s date right
Calculating differences in dates
III: Meeting JavaScript’s Control Structures
Chapter 7: Using Functions 127
Using the Built-In Functions
Working with the Math Object
Building Custom Functions
Reducing work using functions
Passing parameters to functions
Creating functions with a return value
Creating functions with optional and required arguments
Understanding variable scope
Working with Private Properties and Methods
Chapter 8: Making Choices in JavaScript 141
Understanding the Reasons for Applications to Make Decisions
Deciding When to Use the if Statement
Creating a simple if statement
Deciding what else to do
Nesting if statements
Switching Between Choices
Creating a basic switch
Using the default option
Chapter 9: Making the Rounds with Loops
Discovering Loops
Learning why loops are useful
Running from the dangers of loops
Creating for Loops
Making your first for loop
Using the break statement
Using the continue statement
Creating while Loops
Using the basic while loop
Using the dowhile loop
Examining Objects Using for/in
Nesting Loops
Chapter 10: Performing Error Handling
Understanding Errors
Defining an error source
Defining the error types
Catching Errors
Using the trycatch block
Understanding the Error object
Throwing Errors

Part IV: Interacting with Users and HTML
Chapter 11: Understanding the Document Object Model 179
Introducing the Document Object Model (DOM)
Accessing Individual HTML Elements
Modifying the output stream
Affecting HTML content
Changing attributes
Considering Events
Working with Styles
Working with Nodes
Creating new elements
Removing existing elements
Chapter 12: Handling Events 195
Introducing Events
Performing basic event tasks
Working with attributes
Clicking to Create an Event
Understanding the objects at your disposal
Passing parameters to the event handler function
Pressing a Key
Creating Custom Events
Working with the CustomEvent object
Creating the custom event code
Chapter 13: Connecting with Style: JavaScript and CSS
Changing HTML Elements
Working with HTML tags
Working with heading styles
Working with IDs
Building Dynamic HTML Elements
Animating and Positioning HTML Elements
Creating JavaScript-Based Menus
Designing the HTML
Defining the styles
Creating the JavaScript functions
Chapter 14: Enhancing HTML5 Forms with JavaScript 227
Revisiting the HTML5 Form Features
Working with the new elements
Working with the new controls
Understanding the new attributes
Accessing Form Elements
Validating Forms
Chapter 15: Interacting with Windows
Working with Windows
Determining window characteristics
Changing window attributes
Accessing the Screen
Finding a Location
Determining the current location
Changing the location
Searching History
Working with Navigator
Creating a Pop-Up
Controlling line breaks
Creating a modal dialog box
Using Cookies
Setting a cookie
Getting a cookie
Checking a cookie

Part V: Extending JavaScript Further
Chapter 16: Working with XML in JavaScript 259
Introducing XML
Gaining an overview of XML
Understanding elements
Understanding attributes
Working through a basic file
Displaying XML Using XSLT
Validating XML
Understanding the concept of well-formed
Discovering XSD
Loading XML with JavaScript
Chapter 17: Cleaning Up the Web with AJAX 271
Introducing AJAX
Learning the benefits of AJAX
Understanding how AJAX works
Deciphering the XMLHttpRequest object
Performing AJAX Tasks Using JavaScript
Making AJAX Easier with jQuery
Chapter 18: Making JavaScript Easier with jQuery 279
Getting to Know the jQuery Library
Loading jQuery from Google CDN
Doing Things Easier with jQuery
Gathering elements with selectors
Working with programmatically generated elements
Revisiting arrays with jQuery
Interrogating an array
Handling Events with jQuery
Understanding the event functionality
Working with events
Chapter 19: Using jQuery to Handle AJAX 299
Understanding the AJAX Object in jQuery
Considering the global AJAX event handlers
Working with the helper functions
Understanding the low-level interface
Using shorthand methods
Discovering Server-Side Programming
Adding PHP support to your Apache server
Testing your PHP configuration
Creating the PHP script
Retrieving Results from AJAX Calls
Working with standard output
Investigating the benefits of JSON
Chapter 20: Animating the Web 313
Getting to Know jQuery UI
Considering interactions
Understanding the widgets
Defining the effects
Canvasing Your Web Page
Understanding what the canvas does
Creating a simple Google API application

Part VI: The Part of Tens
Chapter 21: Ten Incredible HTML5 and JavaScript Examples 347
Creating an XML-Based Menu
Creating an XML-Based Tabbed Interface
Displaying a Slideshow
Employing Custom Spinners
Working with Timepickers
Creating a Standardized Look with CSS
Displaying a Category and Detail Data View
Selecting Data Using a Calendar
Developing a User-Configurable Interface
Devising a Simple Survey Form
Chapter 22: Ten Thoughts About the Future of Web Development
Automating More Tasks
Developing Applications That Run Anywhere
Using Standards for Every Application
Creating a Desktop Environment with a Browser
Using a Centralized Data Store
Creating Mobile-friendly Applications
Developing Accessible Applications
Building New Application Types
Thinking More About Users
Expecting Unexpected Connections
Правила, инструкции, FAQ!!!
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