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JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, 6th Edition

Год: 2011
Автор: David Flanagan
Жанр: Web Development
Издательство: O’Reilly
ISBN: 978-0596805524
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)
Количество страниц: 1098

Описание: Whether you need an example-driven programmer’s guide or a complete desk reference, JavaScript: The Definitive Guide is the most authoritative book on the language that runs the Web. The sixth edition offers comprehensive coverage of ECMAScript 5 (the new language standard) and also the new APIs introduced in HTML5. The chapters on functions and classes have been completely rewritten and updated to match current best practices. A new chapter covers language extensions and subsets.
JavaScript: The Definitive Guide is organized into four sections:
Learn the core JavaScript language in detail — ideal for newcomers as well as experienced JavaScript programmers who want to sharpen their skills
Understand the scripting environment provided by web browsers with broad and deep coverage of client-side JavaScript illustrated by many sophisticated examples
Get a complete reference for core JavaScript that documents every class, object, constructor, method, function, property, and constant
Consult a separate reference to client-side JavaScript, including legacy web browser APIs, the standard Level 2 DOM API, the XMLHttpRequest object, and the canvas tag
“A must-have reference for expert JavaScript programmers…well-organized and detailed.”
–Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript, CTO of Mozilla
“I made a career of what I learned from JavaScript: The Definitive Guide.”
– Andrew Hedges, Tapulous
“The Definitive Guide taught me JavaScript.”
–Tom Robinson, co-founder of 280 North, co-creator of Cappuccino
About the Author
David Flanagan is a programmer and writer with a website at http://davidflanagan.com. His other O’Reilly books include JavaScript Pocket Reference, The Ruby Programming Language, and Java in a Nutshell. David has a degree in computer science and engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He lives with his wife and children in the Pacific Northwest between the cities of Seattle, Washington, and Vancouver, British Columbia.
1. Introduction to JavaScript
1.1 Core JavaScript
1.2 Client-Side JavaScript
Part I. Core JavaScript
2. Lexical Structure
2.1 Character Set
2.3 Literals
2.4 Identifiers and Reserved Words
2.5 Optional Semicolons
3. Types, Values, and Variables
3.1 Numbers
3.2 Text
3.3 Boolean Values
3.4 null and undefined
3.5 The Global Object
3.6 Wrapper Objects
3.7 Immutable Primitive Values and Mutable Object References
3.8 Type Conversions
3.9 Variable Declaration
3.10 Variable Scope
4. Expressions and Operators
4.1 Primary Expressions
4.2 Object and Array Initializers
4.3 Function Definition Expressions
4.4 Property Access Expressions
4.5 Invocation Expressions
4.6 Object Creation Expressions
4.7 Operator Overview
4.8 Arithmetic Expressions
4.9 Relational Expressions
4.10 Logical Expressions
4.11 Assignment Expressions
4.12 Evaluation Expressions
4.13 Miscellaneous Operators
5. Statements
5.1 Expression Statements
5.2 Compound and Empty Statements
5.3 Declaration Statements
5.4 Conditionals
5.5 Loops
5.6 Jumps
5.7 Miscellaneous Statements
5.8 Summary of JavaScript Statements
6. Objects
6.1 Creating Objects
6.2 Querying and Setting Properties
6.3 Deleting Properties
6.4 Testing Properties
6.5 Enumerating Properties
6.6 Property Getters and Setters
6.7 Property Attributes
6.8 Object Attributes
6.9 Serializing Objects
6.10 Object Methods
7. Arrays
7.1 Creating Arrays
7.2 Reading and Writing Array Elements
7.3 Sparse Arrays
7.4 Array Length
7.5 Adding and Deleting Array Elements
7.6 Iterating Arrays
7.7 Multidimensional Arrays
7.8 Array Methods
7.9 ECMAScript 5 Array Methods
7.10 Array Type
7.11 Array-Like Objects
7.12 Strings As Arrays
8. Functions
8.1 Defining Functions
8.2 Invoking Functions
8.3 Function Arguments and Parameters
8.4 Functions As Values
8.5 Functions As Namespaces
8.6 Closures
8.7 Function Properties, Methods, and Constructor
8.8 Functional Programming
9. Classes and Modules
9.1 Classes and Prototypes
9.2 Classes and Constructors
9.3 Java-Style Classes in JavaScript
9.4 Augmenting Classes
9.5 Classes and Types
9.6 Object-Oriented Techniques in JavaScript
9.7 Subclasses
9.8 Classes in ECMAScript 5
9.9 Modules
10. Pattern Matching with Regular Expressions
10.1 Defining Regular Expressions
10.2 String Methods for Pattern Matching
10.3 The RegExp Object
11. JavaScript Subsets and Extensions
11.1 JavaScript Subsets
11.2 Constants and Scoped Variables
11.3 Destructuring Assignment
11.4 Iteration
11.5 Shorthand Functions
11.6 Multiple Catch Clauses
11.7 E4X: ECMAScript for XML
12. Server-Side JavaScript
12.1 Scripting Java with Rhino
12.2 Asynchronous I/O with Node
Part II. Client-Side JavaScript
13. JavaScript in Web Browsers
13.1 Client-Side JavaScript
13.2 Embedding JavaScript in HTML
13.3 Execution of JavaScript Programs
13.4 Compatibility and Interoperability
13.5 Accessibility
13.6 Security
13.7 Client-Side Frameworks
14. The Window Object
14.1 Timers
14.2 Browser Location and Navigation
14.3 Browsing History
14.4 Browser and Screen Information
14.5 Dialog Boxes
14.6 Error Handling
14.7 Document Elements As Window Properties
14.8 Multiple Windows and Frames
15. Scripting Documents
15.1 Overview of the DOM
15.2 Selecting Document Elements
15.3 Document Structure and Traversal
15.4 Attributes
15.5 Element Content
15.6 Creating, Inserting, and Deleting Nodes
15.7 Example: Generating a Table of Contents
15.8 Document and Element Geometry and Scrolling
15.9 HTML Forms
15.10 Other Document Features
16. Scripting CSS
16.1 Overview of CSS
16.2 Important CSS Properties
16.3 Scripting Inline Styles
16.4 Querying Computed Styles
16.5 Scripting CSS Classes
16.6 Scripting Stylesheets
17. Handling Events
17.1 Types of Events
17.2 Registering Event Handlers
17.3 Event Handler Invocation
17.4 Document Load Events
17.5 Mouse Events
17.6 Mousewheel Events
17.7 Drag and Drop Events
17.8 Text Events
17.9 Keyboard Events
18. Scripted HTTP
18.1 Using XMLHttpRequest
18.2 HTTP by <script>: JSONP
18.3 Comet with Server-Sent Events
19. The jQuery Library
19.1 jQuery Basics
19.2 jQuery Getters and Setters
19.3 Altering Document Structure
19.4 Handling Events with jQuery
19.5 Animated Effects
19.6 Ajax with jQuery
19.7 Utility Functions
19.8 jQuery Selectors and Selection Methods
19.9 Extending jQuery with Plug-ins
19.10 The jQuery UI Library
20. Client-Side Storage
20.1 localStorage and sessionStorage
20.2 Cookies
20.3 IE userData Persistence
20.4 Application Storage and Offline Webapps
21. Scripted Media and Graphics
21.1 Scripting Images
21.2 Scripting Audio and Video
21.3 SVG: Scalable Vector Graphics
21.4 Graphics in a <canvas>
22. HTML5 APIs
22.1 Geolocation
22.2 History Management
22.3 Cross-Origin Messaging
22.4 Web Workers
22.5 Typed Arrays and ArrayBuffers
22.6 Blobs
22.7 The Filesystem API
22.8 Client-Side Databases
22.9 Web Sockets
Part III. Core JavaScript Reference
Core JavaScript Reference
Part IV. Client-Side JavaScript Reference
Client-Side JavaScript Reference
David Flanagan — JavaScript The Definitive Guide 6th Edition — 2011.pdf
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