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The Ritchie Family - Discography
Жанр: Disco
Страна исполнителя (группы): Philadelphia, USA
Год издания: 1975-1994
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 06:39:41
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: да
Собрал в дискографию разрозненные релизы с трекера.

reamann за альбомы I'll Do My Best, Bad Reputation, Brazil, African Queens и Arabian Nights
osv448 за лося Life Is Music
Alex_bog_13 за лося Give Me A Break
Elrikkk за альбом All Right All Night
shar-pee за лось альбома The Best Disco In Town
preobr за American Generation
Особая благодарность bun80 за предоставленные лослесс альбомов All Right All Night и I'll Do My Best, которые на трекере до этого были представлены в худшем качестве. Эти альбомы заменил, теперь вся дискография в качестве 320.
#7771. Peanut Vendor (5:45)
2. Frenesi (9:10)
3. Brazil (5:27)
4. Dance With Me (3:55)
5. Life Is Fascination (3:16)
6. Lady Champagne (2:35)
7. Let's Pooh (4:09)
8. Pinball (3:31)
#7771 Arabian Nights (Medley) (14:26)
2 The Best Disco In Town (6:39)
3 Baby I'm On Fire (5:05)
4 Romantic Love (5:53)
#7771. Life is Music - 4:49
2. Lady Luck - 3:54
3. Long Distance Romance - 6:38
4. Liberty - 5:34
5. Super Lover - 5:42
6. Disco Blues - 5:38
7. Lady Luck (12' Version) - 7:35
#77701 - African Queens Medley
02 - Summer Dance
03 - Quiet Village
04 - Voodoo
#77701 - American Generation.mp3
02 - Big Spendor.mp3
03 - Good In Love.mp3
04 - I Feel Disco Good.mp3
05 - Music Man.mp3
#7771 Put Your Feet To The Beat
2 Bad Reputation
3 It's A Man's World / Where Are The Men (Medley)
4 Sexy Man
5 Give Me A Break
6 Sophistication
#7771. Give Me A Break (6:24)
2. I'll Never Be Able To Set You Free (4:23)
3. All My Love (4:09)
4. Not As Bad As It Seems (4:20)
5. Single Man (4:59)
6. Sophistication (4:30)
#7771 I'll Do My Best (For You Baby)
2 This Loves On Me
3 One And Only
4 You Can Always Count On Me
5 Walk With Me
6 Alright On The Night
7 Tonight I Need To Have Your Love
8 You've Got Me Dancin'
#7771 Real Love
2 Stop and Think
3 All Night, All Right
4 I Wanna Be Yours (duet with Miles J. Davis)
5 Live It Up
6 Fantasy
7 Cold Winds
8 Lost in Your Love
#7771. Brazil
2. Dance With Me
3. The Best Disco In Town
4. Arabian Nights - Istambul Not Constantinople-Lawrence Of Arabia - In A Persian Market - Show Me How You Dance(Medley)
5. Life Is Music
6. Lady Luck
7. African Queens (Medley)
8. Summer Dance
9. American Dance
10. Good In Love
11. Put Your Feet To The Beat
12. Gimme A Break
13. All Night All Right
14. It's A Man's World
15. I'll Do My Best (For You Baby)
The three original members were not related; the group was a creation of Jacques Morali who also formed the Village People. The group took its name from record producer Richie Rome, who added a T to the name; it originally consisted of three singers: Cassandra Ann Wooten and Gwendolyn Oliver (who eventually married musician Fred Wesley) of the girl group Honey & the Bees, and Cheryl Mason Jacks. Their manager was Jimmy Bishop, a successful Philadelphia radio personality who also managed Barbara Mason. Morali remembered Wooten and Oliver had done some session work for him, and he called them a few years later when he wanted to form a group and the Ritchie Family was born.
Their first hit single, a reworking of the 1930s song "Brazil" reached the Top 20 in the United States in 1975, and the album, also titled Brazil, sold well. The following year they released the album Arabian Nights, and with it the single "The Best Disco in Town". The song was a medley of recent disco songs linked together with an original chorus and it became a worldwide hit.
Their follow up albums Life Is Music, which followed a 1930s theme, and African Queens were only mediocre successes. Each of these four albums was a concept album featuring songs of a similar theme as suggested by each album title. Each album also featured a long medley, usually running from 15 to 20 minutes.
By 1978, the three members had been replaced by Jacqui Smith-Lee, Theodosia "Dodie" Draher and Ednah Holt. Their 1978 album, American Generation, was a slight departure from disco and more in the style of Europop, although one of the singles from it was called "I Feel Disco Good." The group abandoned the exotic and highly kitsch costumes of their earlier incarnation in favour of a more contemporary, sexually provocative style. For the next album, Bad Reputation, they brought in Victor Willis (original lead singer of Village People) joining Jacques Morali in writing the material. Holt soon departed (and formed her own group Ednah Holt and Starluv) and was replaced by lead singer Vera Brown; the group enjoyed success with "Put Your Feet To The Beat."
The Ritchie Family line-up of Brown, Smith-Lee and Draher next recorded the Give Me A Break album, which contained the hits "Give Me A Break" and "Never Be Able to Set You Free." Continuing with album releases, the next was a markedly different partnership with Jacques Fred Petrus and Mauro Malavasi, the pair behind Change. The album they recorded was I'll Do My Best For You Baby; following that was All Night All Right (1983). By this time, Dodie Draher had left the group and newcomer Linda James took over her spot.
In 1980, they joined Village People for the movie Can't Stop the Music. The film was a resounding failure and still appears on many critics' "worst ever" lists, however the soundtrack album sold well in some parts of the world; disco music had peaked in major territories such as the USA.
Also in 1980, Wooten and Mason-Jacks sang background vocals on John Lennon's final album, Double Fantasy.
After deciding to split, when group owner Jacques Morali discovered he had AIDS, the group continued as Vera Brown and the Rich Girls for one song called "Too Much Too Fast" that failed completely. Vera Brown has reformed The Ritchie Family, with Dodie Draher and Jacqui Smith-Lee, but without further releases. With original members Wooten, Mason-Jacks and Oliver, the group achieved its highest grossing sales.
Original members Cassandra Wooten, Cheryl Mason-Dorman and new member Renee Guilory-Wearing have reformed the group and are now touring. The Ritchie Family is featured in Jim Arena's book First Ladies of Disco, released in June 2013.
Правила, инструкции, FAQ!!!
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